mercredi 19 août 2009

Extrait: les défis de l'aide au développement via les ONG

“There are no methodologies for tracing impact in a causal and attributtable way, for one good reason that cause and effect are not linear in development, and the factors contributing to change are many and varied; but the search goes on and absorb huge amounts of time and money at both donor and NGO levels. While there are interesting methodologies for learning from experience, these require time, painstaking work and analysis by experienced individuals working closely with both written records and a range of stakeholders. These methods are not seen as high-powered or efficient and cannot easily be standardized and computerized, so are rather devalued as the sector continues to search for ways of measuring and claiming impact.

UK NGOs […] are striving to measure progress and grapple with attribution against global indicators, while trying to remain participator and open to learning from the field. The tensions inherent in this approach are evident […].” The Aid Chain, Coercion and Commitment in Development NGOs